Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What to do if your eyeball pops out

In the wake of NCAA tourney star Allan Ray's freak accident on the court last Friday (his eyeball was literally poked out), Slate has put together a few tips to cope with when your eyeball "comes out of your head:"
Get it put back in, and soon. The longer you remain in this rare condition—known as "globe luxation"—the more strain you'll put on the blood vessels and nerves that connect your eye to the rest of your head. [...] You should be able to get your eye back in place without serious, long-term damage. (If the ocular muscles tear or if the optic nerve is severed, your outlook won't be as clear.) The treatment for globe luxation is pretty simple: Doctors apply some topical painkillers, hold back your lashes, and poke your eyeball into its socket by pressing on the white part with gloved fingers.
Link (via Boing Boing)


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