Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The conversation that never officially took place

Stephen Speicher, a contributor to the weekly opinion column, The Clicker has some interesting musings about Apple's intentions in the Media Center space. Word on the street as of late has indicated that their Mac Mini machine coupled with Front Row could turn into a mean home entertainment center that could compete with Microsoft's Media Center Edition PC.

Although the Mac Mini looks promising, Apple's got some work to do before it can be a worthy contender. Most notably, it needs a TV tuner and some DVR capabilities. I have my own opinions about whether or not Apple will ever do this considering the revenue streams coming from iTunes, but Stephen makes an proffers some intriguing food for thought in the form of a conversation between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that never took place.

...Or did it?
You could all but see the gears turning in his head as he pondered the statement. "Clearly," he thought to himself, "I've misheard. He can't seriously be saying what I think he's saying."

"Excuse me?" Bill replied assuming that he would hear something different the second time around.

"That's right. Apple wants to build a Media Center PC."
I guess we could always ask the NSA. More after the jump.



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