Friday, August 04, 2006

Divester Photo Contest: Vote for me!

I was just informed that the above picture was selected as a finalist for Divester's (pronounced Dive-ster) first photo contest! From the site:

Recently, Divester excitedly announced its first-ever photo contest. The judges -- Beth and Shaun Tierney, authors of Diving the World -- have just completed the hard work of whittling down the more than 1200 images in Divester's Flickr pool into the Top 10.

The winner will receive a complimentary copy of the book Diving the World. I'm up against some stiff competition, and I'm very flattered to be chosen as one of the finalists. You can vote here:

Divester's First Photo Contest: Vote For Your Favorite Image!

Vote as many times as you can before voting closes at midnight on August 10th!

Thanks for your support.

Link to the contest
Link to the photo

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