Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Suburban Denver subdivision name generator

The Village at Pine Creek Crossing

The Homes at Shadow Peak Place

The Sanctuary at Wolf Shire Ranch

These sound just like one of the planned cookie-cutter neighborhoods I lived in when I lived in Boulder County. With development proceeding along at such a fast pace in the area, I wouldn't be surprised if these haven't already been used. I'm going to throw out a guess here, but I'd imagine that most of these planned communities were developed by no more than half a dozen developers, which helps explain to common naming convention.
Over the years, as new subdivisions have stretched farther and farther out onto the plains, their names have become wordier, more elaborate, and more pretentious. Today, there is an obvious trend in the naming of new subdivisions in metro Denver. Developers now use a variety of semantic tricks in their attempt to increase the perceived exclusivity of the development. [...] Thus, new suburban development names now begin with phrases like "The Estates at..." or "The Preserve at..." or "The Retreat at..." followed by not just one or two words to describe the incredibly special patch of prairie on which these homes have been built, but three words or more.

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