Thursday, June 22, 2006

PDF redaction follies

Queue the silly sound effects. Apparently the guys and gals in legal at both AT&T and the DoJ need a little training in Adobe Acrobat. They have been releasing redacted court filings in PDF form (such as the AT&T filing in the NSA wiretapping case and the Balco grand jury leak case), but are merely putting black lines over the redacted text. The text, however, is still available under the black line, and it's simply a matter of selecting the text under said line and then copy/pasting it into your text editor of choice. Try it here.

Classic stuff. The comments are even better:

Perhaps after another dozen or so incidents they'll decide a little training is appropriate for the folks who are doing the redacting.

No, more than likely they will just pass a new law, stating that "Copying and pasting of blacked out (redacted) lines is a felony" or somesuch...



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