Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slo-Mo Home Depot [Video]

Improv Everywhere, an improvisational acting troupe, invaded a Home Depot with the intent to shop in slow motion. At one point, the roughly 225 person group froze, standing still in the store for five minutes. Eerily enough, Jewel's "Standing Still" came onto the PA just before the group stopped moving:
Amazingly, about thirty seconds before the freezing in place began, the Home Depot PA system started playing Jewel's 2001 hit, "Standing Still." Really. Several agents came up to me after the mission asking how I had gotten that song to play. I wish we were clever enough to sneak into the Home Depot back rooms and insert a CD into their stereo, but it was honestly just a freaky coincidence. I'm sure their music is piped in via some type of corporate satellite radio subscription.
Here are some videos of the action (or inaction, rather):

Here are some employees enthusiastically describing what they just witnessed. Most didn't know what to make of it:

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