Thursday, August 10, 2006

Three great digital photography posts from O'Reilly

Panasonic DMC-FZ20Photo: Rama's brother
How I stumbled on these is a confusing and convoluted story, but I found some great tips for the burgeoning digital photographer on the O'Reilly Network (the same O'Reilly that publishes technical books). The first, Top Ten Digital Photography Tips, is the best, offering some good tips and tricks such as using the "Cloudy" white balance setting to warm up outdoor shots, using sunglasses as a polarizer, and how to get that soft "slow motion water" effect.

A Random Collection of Photoshop CS Tips provides a number of ways to optimize your experience with Photoshop. The Ideal Digital Photographer's Workflow focuses on increasing efficiency in the "lab." Part three is the best, in my opinion, but here are links to parts one and two if you'd like to start from the beginning.

Links (indirectly via Boing Boing):

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