Friday, August 01, 2008

Banned in Beijing

After hearing that the Chinese authorities have opened a teensy crack in their Great Firewall for visiting Olympic journos, I decided to see if Neologies makes it through their now widened 'net. According to, that isn't the case.

My initial reaction was one of self-importance; a feeling that my voice had been silenced for the revolutionary thoughts it engendered in my two readers, one of which must live in China. Was I a subversive force threatening the status quo the Chinese government has worked so hard to maintain over so many years?

Maybe. Likely not. More than likely, it's just the fact that this blog runs on Blogger, causing it to be caught in the wide net cast while trolling for sites that violate their message in a less subtle way. While a keyword search would likely return results that don't pass muster with Chinese government censors, it's unlikely anyone on the other side of the Pacific would be reading this blog anyway.

None of my puffery changes the fact that is unreachable in Beijing, which is a shame, regardless of the value that this site has in the global conversation that is the 'net, but that's fodder for another post on another day.

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