Friday, August 11, 2006

MS to give holiday computer buyers coupons for free Vista upgrades?

Some news leaked out regarding an alleged incentive program offered by Microsoft to entice potential holiday PC buyers into sealing the deal. A number of computer manufacturers and retailers were a little peeved at the news that Vista will be missing the 2006 holiday buying season. This would have a major impact on their business since so many consumers would rather wait for Vista before buying a new PC.

Apparently, Microsoft is attempting to alleviate that pain by offering consumers coupons for a free Vista upgrade once it comes out (whenever that is). While Microsoft isn't confirming this, they aren't denying it either. From Ars Technica:
The coupon offer will begin in October, and is a result of a joint effort between Microsoft and a group of leading PC vendors worldwide. According to the anonymous sources, Microsoft actually reached an agreement with these PC companies back in July, but decided not to reveal their plans so as to protect PC sales in the third quarter.
Will this be enough to keep PC sales strong through the holiday season?


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